A people-to-people festival

The International Video Art Festival of Camagüey features the latest national and international video creation, and also provides participants and the general public with an opportunity to explore the city and exchange with artists, curators, art students and academicians openly and spontaneously.
As a people-to-people event, FIVAC is designed  to merge every activity within the festival´s program with the daily routine of the city. This is an opportunity for participants to create and live their own experiences.
The screening in squares and other places beyond the capital city, the city tour for participants, the night parties, and the partaking of people who are not directly linked to the fields of art, all in all these features have contributed to enriching the festival and increasing the number and diversity of participants.
Hierarchies tend to soften during the festival days, and is frequent to see artists, curators, students and the public in general mingled in either a discussion about visual aesthetics or dancing at the night parties. No doubt, this, along with the high standard quality of the competition, is one of the peculiarities of the festival that appeals most to returning participants. 
This way, FIVAC also serves as a reunion spot for old friends that have not met in years for various reasons, and also as a space where new projects, friends and even love, emerge.
The 7th edition of the event does not seem to be any different from previous editions in this respect. The great number of artworks and people willing to attend the event this year, attest to that. Even though the Organizing Committee has refused to provide further details, there is a trip to Santa Lucia Beach, a concert by a renowned Cuban artist in the closing ceremony and night parties featuring national and international DJ s to be confirmed as part of the program
In a nutshell, FIVAC is an opportunity to dialog about contemporary video creation, get to know one of the most beautiful and culturally-enriching cities in the country, and a unique option for everyone willing to live, experience and get to know this part of Cuba. 

José Raúl Gallego Ramos 
Traducción: Odeiny Gavira

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